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Precision at Mid-Range: Focuhunter’s RSP-771 3*30 Prism Sight

In the dynamic world of tactical and hunting optics, Focuhunter has carved a reputation for engineering innovative tactical prism scope solutions that cater to the diverse needs of marksmen and outdoor enthusiasts. The latest addition to their impressive lineup is the RSP-771 3*30 Prism Sight, a compact and versatile optic designed to excel at mid-range engagements.

The Power of Prism Optics

Eschewing the traditional refractive lens system found in many scopes, the RSP-771 utilizes a cutting-edge prism optical arrangement. This advanced design not only allows for a more compact form factor but also delivers superior image quality and clarity. The prism-based optics provide a sharp, bright sight picture with a comfortable 3.0-3.5 inch viewing distance, ensuring rapid target acquisition and precise shot placement.

Illumination for All Lighting Conditions

Recognizing the importance of visibility in varying light environments, Focuhunter has equipped the RSP-771 with a versatile illumination system. The etched reticle can be illuminated in either red or green, with five distinct brightness levels to choose from. This adaptive lighting solution allows users to fine-tune the reticle’s visibility, making the RSP-771 a reliable companion in low-light conditions or bright daylight.

Rugged and Reliable Construction

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the RSP-771 is built to withstand the rigors of the field. With its anodized finish and anti-vibration, anti-rain, and anti-fog properties, this prism sight is engineered to maintain its performance even in the most demanding environments. Focuhunter’s commitment to quality ensures that the RSP-771 is a durable and dependable optic that will serve its user with unwavering reliability.

Precise Adjustments for Targeted Accuracy

Precision is paramount in the world of tactical and hunting optics, and the RSP-771 does not disappoint. With its precise 1/2 MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation, users can fine-tune their point of aim with ease, ensuring accurate shot placement at mid-range distances.


Whether you’re a seasoned marksman tackling tactical challenges or a passionate hunter pursuing mid-range game, the Focuhunter RSP-771 3*30 Prism Sight is the perfect companion. Its fixed 3x magnification and 30mm objective lens make it ideally suited for targets ranging from 200 to 300 yards, blending the best of close-quarters and long-range optics in a compact and rugged package. Focuhunter’s commitment to excellence is evident in the RSP-771, a prism sight that delivers uncompromising performance, durability, and versatility.

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