3 Week Diet Review

In a bid to drop some weight over the winter months, I decided to pick up a copy of The 3 Week Diet. I don’t usually make choices like this on a whim, but this one seemed to fit the bill, there were also some good reviews out there, touting its success, which helped. Having since completed the 3 week timeline, I feel well-placed to leave a review and share my results. Overall, the program does what it claims. I did lose weight. 13lbs to be exact. The diet component itself is straight-forward and works on a calorie-controlled system which aims to sensibly reduce the amount you eat to trigger weight loss.

There was nothing ground-breaking here, but seeing a detailed plan showing what you can/can’t eat and at what times was refreshing and to-the-point. All up, I ended up eating about 400 fewer calories per day, which I found pretty manageable. Cravings were few and far between and my energy levels were stable throughout thanks to noshing on plenty of high protein foods like chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and smoothies.

The 3 Week Diet also has a ‘Motivation Manual’, which I flicked through. In it they dish out some advice to help keep you on track and boost motivation if you’re in rut or feeling down. It’s a good addition to the program and had some genuinely useful information about staying focused and keeping self-belief high. Last was the Workout Manual which gives you a variety of workouts to chose from which you can do from home or at the gym. These workouts took about 30 minutes to complete and focus on working the body as a whole to accelerate fat loss. The workouts were fun and efficient, albeit a little repetitive.

So, what’s my verdict? I like The 3 Week Diet. It isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done. Make no mistake, you need to commit yourself to the program. If you can’t set aside 3 weeks and give it a fair go, then it isn’t for you. However, if you can commit, and I know you can, then you will see results. As for how you chose to eat after 3 weeks, that’s up to you, but the program is based on the premise that 3 weeks make a habit and I’m pretty keen to maintain my weight and build on the results I’ve already achieved so far. So I’d say its a ‘win’ for the 3 week diet and I encourage you to check it out, too!

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