5 Herbs that Children must Include in their Diets

80% of what we become is decided by our diet. A good diet from an early age promises longevity and a healthier life. Amidst the growing polluted and chaotic environment, it is very easy to get our physical and mental health disrupted.

This can cause easy infections, diseases, and hyperactivity of the brain leading to less concentration and focus and decreased memory.

Ayurveda having its roots in the ancient times when no medicine was available for any ailment, has listed many herbs that improve the well-being of a child.

If taken daily they can develop physical and mental health and keep away the threats to our body and mind. Since it is not easier to feed the herbs directly to children, Swarnaprashan has all the herbs combined with the virtue of Swarna Bhasma to be given to kids daily in the form of drops.

Also known as Suvarnanprashan, which breaks down to consume gold, it makes feeding children with herbs much more feasible when combined with the sweetness of honey. It helps boost immunity and improves concentration, memory, and focus.

Here are the herbs you can give to your child daily:

1.   Brahmi

The Ayurvedic herb, Brain Tonic, is known for its concentration and focus-boosting properties that relax the mind of stress and anxiety. It improves brain health by destroying the negative radicals.

It improves digestion and strengthens the respiratory system protecting it from easily procured infections.

It treats epilepsy in epileptic children by preventing their brains from going hyperactive for a longer time and also reduces ADHD symptoms.

It calms the mind and induces better sleep which is very much essential as a kid to help repair the part of the brain helping with cognitive abilities.

2.   Turmeric (Haldi)

The best way to give turmeric is with warm milk at night before sleeping which clears the throat and respiratory tract of mucus and helps with better treatment of cough and cold.

It aids in digestion and clears the bowel with a healthy digestive system.

The antimicrobial property helps to fight infections, boosts immunity, and controls cell damage.

It has antioxidant properties which delays and reverses the onset of diseases in kids and keeps the cells healthy.

3.   Ashwagandha

Ashwa means horse and Gandha meaning fragrance summing up as a fragrant material to provide horse-like strength and power.

It helps with increased immunity and brain power supporting the production of neurotransmitters which boosts the brain capacity and makes your kids more productive.

It reduces stress and anxiety by counteracting the effects and research has shown that the Ashwagandha helps children and teens manage stress.

It relaxes and calms the mind of the indistinct chatter and helps with a peaceful sleep.

4.   Amla

Known for its varied range of properties, the most important is improving immunity as it contains vitamin C which is said to increase iron and hemoglobin levels and is also good for the skin and eyes.

It improves digestion and increases appetite which solves the problem of most Indian mothers who say their child eats less.

It helps fight diseases by keeping away disease-causing antigens and preparing the body for it.  It also helps with respiratory problems and works as a good remedy for cough and cold.

It eliminates bloating problems which are faced by almost every child.

5.   Mulethi

This plays a very important role in improving digestion and reducing flatulence and bloating. The high fiber content helps to relieve constipation and aids in the easy cleaning of the bowel.

It acts as a brain capacity booster by improving focus and concentration. It calms and relaxes the mind of stress and tension which might be due to academic reasons with the antioxidant properties and helps with a proper sleep.

It also prevents the early onset of Alzheimer’s (forgetting things) in old age.

It improves oral health with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties by keeping the mouth clean and preventing tooth decay and the smell common in kids.

It improves the energy levels and boosts stamina in kids. It also helps with good skin.


With the advancing age, advancing are new problems like COVID-19, stress and anxiety (which surprisingly have become more common in children according to research), ADHD, insomnia, and many others.

Tackling these problems with allopathy can curb the symptoms but treating the root cause is possible only with Ayurveda which treasures the ancient wisdoms followed by our ancestors who had more longevity and healthier lives than us.

The above-mentioned herbs must be added to the diet of a child in any way possible that he consumes. You can also ask your pediatrician to provide more insights and suggest more valuable food in the diet. A good base will lead to a good life ahead, so include these in the diet of your kids and give them a healthy lifestyle.

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