How to play diamond fish shooting New88 – Super interesting online game

Shoot diamond fish Nêw88 is the most popular entertainment game portal today, a super interesting playground for gamers. You can freely experience the game with a super eye-catching interface and hunt for “huge” prizes in a short time. In the article below, Dealer New88 will reveal how to play diamond fish shooting from A – Z and some good tips to win.

Advantages of playing diamond fish shooting New88

At House of Cards New88, diamond fish shooting is always the game that attracts the largest number of online gamers. Below are a series of outstanding advantages when participating in this game at New88:

  • Gamers can freely choose portals to play diamond fish shooting New88 Diverse with different storylines and characters. Vivid, realistic 3D graphics take players to experience every corner of the ocean world.
  • Playing games to deposit and win real money with other people, not with bots, brings a much more exciting and exciting feeling.
  • Gun and bullet effects, laser bomb shooting, lightning, net collection… with pleasant sounds help players entertain effectively after work or study hours.
  • The game provider continuously updates new versions with full features, guns, and levels for you to choose from.
  • For the first shot, there is also a huge reward of up to 2 million VND. Contests and tournaments are regularly organized for people to compete in hunting fish.

How to play diamond fish shooting New88 super simple

Similar to regular fish shooting games, to join the “battle” with diamond fish shooting New88 then you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register/Log in New88, requires entering correct phone number information, the house’s staff will contact to support players to deposit money and receive rewards. For future logins, just remember the password and account name.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your wallet New88 To participate, the minimum deposit is 200K, New88 Supports a variety of deposit methods via Internet Banking, Scratch Cards, Momo…
  • Step 3: Select the Fish shooting category at New88 → Select Diamond Fish Shooting hall New88 and join the game.
  • Step 4: After playing, if you win the bet, the money will be transferred to your account, you can participate in another game or withdraw to your account according to your preference.

Instructions for redeeming rewards with the diamond fish shooting game

Redeeming prizes in diamond fish shooting New88 quite simple, you just need to go to the Withdraw section, enter your account information, the amount you want to withdraw is complete. Dealer New88 There is no limit to the number of deposits and withdrawals per day, only the owner’s withdrawal information is required and the withdrawal is approved within 1 – 3 minutes.

In case you wait too long but do not see money in your account, you should contact the customer care team New88 for assistance.

Tips for playing diamond fish shooting New88 “huge” win

Actually, shoot diamond fish New88 It’s not difficult to play, you don’t need to think much, but to receive a “huge” reward, you must keep in mind the following tips:

Watch and chase rare fish

Rare fish species such as sharks, mermaids, sea monsters… in diamond fish shooting New88 It will be quite difficult to shoot but the reward rate is extremely high. If you feel the amount of money is enough and can be shot down, then you should pursue it continuously until you die. However, this technique is still very risky, in many cases the chase runs out of money but the opponent is the one who destroys the rare fish.
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On the contrary, if your budget is limited, do not rush to shoot the big fish, but choose to chase fish in groups and shoot medium and small fish. Another great trick is to “follow” the experts, choose when they are chasing the fish and shoot after them to make it easier to win.

Use power-ups at the right time

Players know when to use boosters such as double bullets, laser guns, thunder bombs… to be able to destroy big fish. Note that these types of boosters are quite expensive to equip and can usually only be used once, so you need to consider using them at the right time to be sure to avoid costs.

Upgrade weapons to “kill” more fish

In the diamond fish shooting game, the weapon is a gun divided into many levels, the higher the level, the faster the fish will die and the higher the reward. You should choose the right time, shoot big fish when upgrading weapons to “reward” much more.

With playing instructions shoot diamond fish New88 With the details above, you can comfortably deposit money and fight freely, earning huge bonuses. In particular, you should not ignore any of House’s articles New88 to update the latest and most interesting information about popular online betting and card games today.

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