New88 Lottery and Other Types Favorite by Players

New88today lottery has recently been very popular with lottery players. The strengths of this house are its beautiful interface and many types of lottery betting. Bettors can freely choose their favorite sport and place bets. In this article, we will learn more about the lottery at New88.

Introducing some important features about New88 lottery

New88 was established in 2015 with the goal of providing high quality online betting products and services to players in Vietnam. Since then, the company has grown strongly and is now one of the leading bookmakers in Vietnam, with more than a million players and a variety of betting game genres. Especially the New88 lottery hall.

User-friendly interface and diverse betting products have attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign gamers.

Since its founding, New88 has always put the interests of players first. With the mission “Providing the best online betting experience for players in Vietnam”, New88 constantly improves and develops to meet the needs of all customers.

Currently, New88 has expanded its presence across many online channels, including websites, mobile applications and social networks.

Attractive lottery playing genres at New88 bookmaker

At New88 lottery, you will discover many different attractive forms of lottery betting. Each type will have special gameplay and rewards. Let’s find out in the following section.

Bet on special prizes

When playing the lottery, players will have some difficulty accurately predicting the last two numbers of the special prize in that day’s lottery. This is not only a game based on luck but also requires careful analysis and observation from the player. The rewards for this type of bet at New88 lottery are often very attractive, commensurate with its difficulty.

Play loto (lotto)

Playing loto is a form of predicting the last two numbers in all New88 lottery prizes. The special thing is that as long as the 27 lottery numbers contain the two numbers you choose, you have won the lottery. This game requires players to have strategy and acumen, but also offers a higher chance of winning compared to other forms.

Play cross lottery

The Slot Lottery game is an upgraded version of the traditional lottery game. In it, you choose two numbers at the same time and both need to appear in the lottery results for you to win. They will increase the difficulty but also increase the rewards, bringing more thrill and drama to players at New88 lottery.
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Hit 3 claws

In the 3-Click Bet format, you will try your hand at accurately predicting the last three numbers of the special prize. Similar to lottery, but with an added number, the complexity increases significantly, as does the prize value. This is a big challenge that requires players to have good analytical skills and a little luck.

Double lotteries

When playing double lotteries at New88 lottery, a popular two-number betting method, players will choose two different numbers to bet on the same day. If either of these numbers appears in the lottery results, the player wins a significant bonus.

This method is often considered to have a higher winning rate than playing lottery. This is because only one of the two selected lottery numbers appears in the results, the player can receive a prize. They reduce risk compared to betting on cross lotteries, which require multiple numbers to appear at the same time to win.

Double lot

Double lot is a form of betting in New88 lottery, where players bet on special pairs of numbers. There are three main types of double lots and each is determined by separate rules.

First, the negative double lot is based on the principle of negative shadow. These are pairs of numbers where each number in the pair is a shadow of the other number. For example, the number pair 07 and 70 is a classic example of a negative double lot, with other number pairs such as 29 and 92, 14 and 41 following the same principle.

Next, equal double lots include pairs of numbers where both digits are the same. Examples for this type of double lotteries include 99, 11, 55 and similar pairs of numbers such as 77, 00, 33.

Finally, skewed double lots involve pairs of numbers where the two digits of each pair are shadows of each other. Examples of skewed double lots include pairs of numbers such as 16 and 61, 27 and 72, with each number in the pair being the shadow of the other number.

Each of these double lotteries offers players different betting opportunities and strategies, depending on their understanding and analysis of the New88 lottery rules.

Lo gan

Lo gan is also known as lot khan. This is the term for numbers that rarely appear in lottery results over a long period of time. These numbers are very rarely drawn, thereby increasing the excitement for New88 lottery players.

Regarding the liver lottery, it should be noted that these are numbers that appear infrequently and their non-appearance period can be long. For example, there are cases where hepatitis does not appear for a period of 16 to 38 days. Some cases even last more than two months.

You can bet on lottery numbers at New88 lottery

When choosing to bet on the lottery, players need to research carefully and have a deep understanding of lottery statistics. This requires tracking and analyzing the history of these numbers appearing in previous draws.

Dumb lottery

Silent lot is a concept in lottery betting, referring to numbers that have not appeared in the lottery results table for a long time. To find the silent lottery, lottery players need to pay attention to the last two or three digits in all previous results of the New88 lottery results table. However, because lottery results do not always include all the numbers, finding dumb numbers can be quite challenging.

An effective method to identify silent lots is to use a statistical table of the frequency of numbers appearing. Players can take advantage of modern software, combined with analysis and calculations, to easily and accurately find silent numbers.

Silent lots are often classified into two types:

  • Headless: This is the case where the first number in a pair of numbers does not appear in the lottery results.
  • Tailed mute: Similarly, if the last number in a pair of numbers does not appear, it is called a silent lot.

Understanding silent numbers and knowing how to look for them can help players increase their chances of winning in lottery betting.


So you have just finished learning about genresNew88 lottery. This is a reputable house with the most modern payment system. You will not be disappointed when betting on the lottery here.

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