The Pros and Cons of a Military Boarding School

So you are thinking about sending your child to a military boarding school. You want the best for your son or daughter but is the military school option the right one? Well, quite simply you’ll never know until your teen begins their new education. But to help you make that choice, here are some good and not-so-good points about boarding at a military school.

The Pros

  • If behavior is a problem with your child, the discipline and supervision at a military school are second to none. Your child will be kept busy with worthwhile activities and watched 24/7.
  • One major aim of a military school is to enable the students to take responsibility for their own actions. If you want your child to grow up, this could be the ideal environment.
  • There is a huge push to get good academic results. If your child is lazy or needs someone to drive them harder, the supervised homework sessions and small student staff ratio numbers means academic success will be given its best possible chance.
  • The extra-curricula activities such as sports and the arts will be freely available and with a greater number and scope of options. There is a chance for an all-round education at a military school.
  • There is a strong relationship with the local community and the school and former students are often invited back to the school to talk about how they enjoyed their time as a student.
  • Opportunities in life not to mention college and university placements are likely to be available with a greater chance of success.
  • A career in the armed forces is a natural stepping stone for a graduate from a military school.

The Cons

  • Any boarding school, military or not, will mean your child is absent from home and family for long periods of time. Millions of children are educated in this fashion but there are some who do not enjoy being away from home.
  • If your child is not academically bright there is a strong chance they may struggle. Military boarding schools are there to get the very best out their students and stragglers may struggle.
  • Military boarding schools will not nanny your child. If they misbehave and refuse to participate they may well be expelled.
  • Getting a job at the local store, finding any type of part-time work is not really an option.
  • With a packed schedule, students have little time to themselves.
  • The costs of these schools is substantial for a family with below-average income.
  • Students who do not wish to conform and in fact enjoy their own company may feel threatened and even suffer stress in the highly regimented structure of a military school.

It should be noted that many students who would appear unsuited for a military boarding school have enrolled and been a spectacular success. So do not judge your child too harshly. Perhaps you could visit the school/s and spend time explaining the benefits and possible difficulties with your child. Allow them to have a say in the choice of their education.

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