Ari’s Favorite Healthy Cooking Tools

Happy December! We are back with a brand new theme for this month’s Healthy Living Tuesdays series, and this month’s theme is perfect for a month of gift-giving:“Favorite Healthy Cooking Tools!”

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Hi everyone, I’m Ari from Ari’s Menu and I’m so excited to be posting over here today! The whole holiday season is my very favorite time of year. I love spending time with family, hosting Thanksgiving, and baking up lots of lightened up holiday treats to share with the people around me! My kitchen gets a TON of use this time of year, and I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite tools I use in my kitchen madness during the holiday season, and year round.

1. Food Processor.  I actually have an older model, and mine is the flat red, not that shiny red (and now I’m super jealous). I never realized what I was missing until I got this baby as a wedding present. You can use it to chop veggies, shred cheese, make hummus or pesto, and I get the most use out of it for creating homemade nut butters (psssst–they make awesome holiday gifts!).

2. Vitamix.  I’m sure this is no surprise, and I know these babies aren’t cheap, but if you make a lot of soups and smoothies, it is totally worth the investment. I had a decent blender before we received out Vitamix, but the difference is seriously night and day.

3. Olive oil mister. When I switched over to stainless steal pots and pans (also a worthwhile investment, IMO), I stopped being able to use my fake olive oil spray (probably for the best…), but I didn’t want to go using a Rachael Ray amount of oil either (that girl looooves her “EVOO”). These misters lightly and evenly dispense the oil so you use less while still preventing your food from sticking. It’s also great for salads and dressings to get the flavor with way fewer calories.

4. Silpat.  Okay, so this is arguably not a tool for “healthy” cooking, but it means no pan greasing, and they are just awesome. I never bake cookies without them. I was skeptical at first, but a lot of times I have a hard time with my cookies sticking because I rarely use butter or oil (less fat = stickier cookies), but these babies make cookie baking (healthy or not) fool proof!

5. Microplane. Two words: fresh nutmeg. For real, you need one.

PS: I asked my husband what he thought I should mention and he said “your camera”. I guess he knows me pretty well. Your turn!!! What’s your favorite kitchen tool? Is it a toaster oven or an air fryer? Because those are both on my wish list!

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